Updates July 30, 2020

Hi mushie lovers! We've got an update today, yay!

Release Notes (v1.3.0)



  • MR cutscene no longer plays after player chooses to skip it


  • Added leaf count in the HUD
  • Mushie now will not move when clicking outside the Hub


  • Fixed mushie not moving toward house when clicking on the house
  • Fixed mushie walking forever when clicking outside the Hub


  • Happiness bar no longer appears when editing furniture


  • Added color options for furniture, accessories, hats, and wallpapers and floorings

  • Added new bookshelves to match the forest, cabin, gothic, and modern furniture sets
  • Adjusted tab color on selection
Mush Rush


  • Added default song in the start screen

Known Issues

  • Mushie is able to move and change its score after some of the songs end in Mush Rush
  • Pressing pause (or clicking out of the game) in MR can cause the song to end abruptly on resume
  • Removing furniture under stackable decorations will leave the decorations hanging in the air
  • In Bubbly, the trees on the sides can obscure the camera at some points in the level
  • [Mobile] Touch input is not recognized for the first several seconds after pressing Play from start menu
    • Workaround: Close and reopen application
  • [Mobile] Getting notifications during Mush Rush may end the song abruptly
  • [Mobile] Pressing both jump buttons at the same time may launch mushie above the screen


MyMiniMushroom_v1_3_0_Win.zip 118 MB
Jul 30, 2020
MyMiniMushroom_v1_3_0_Mac.zip 142 MB
Jul 30, 2020

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