Updates June 18, 2020

Hello there! We've got some pretty cool updates for you today, here they are:

Release Notes (v1.1.0)



  • Added new secret furniture set as a reward for getting mush-stars in the bonus level
  • Added hats for more mushie customization
  • Added milkshake and mug foods

  • Added footstep sounds
  • Added feedback button


  • Added camera transition between furniture and toy room
  • Added a toy chest to the toy room
  • Added shaking animation when the feather toy is clicked
  • Mushie now pops into the toy room when a toy is selected if it isn’t already in the toy room


  • Fixed issue with cap color reverting to red when mushie enters the house
Mush Rush


  • Added max multiplier UI to the start screen
  • Added snow particles to snowy levels

  • Obstacles blink red in the tutorial (so you know they’re bad)
  • Added animation to the song button in the start screen that appears the first time the player enters it to make it clearer that the button needs to be clicked first
  • [Android] Added rumble when mushie hits obstacles
  • [Android] Started saving swipe/tap control user preference


  • Mushie should start walking again if its animation gets stuck jumping
  • Fixed issue with BEATle animation getting stuck
  • Fixed issue where mushie could get hit by obstacles before the level started


  • Separated toys from supplies
  • [Android] Added premium currency to the shop for buying a special hat
  • [Android] Added ability to purchase leaves


  • Fixed issue with owned text not showing up on some items
  • Fixed issue with preview item not changing when a new item is selected from a different tab

Release Notes (v1.1.1) (2020-06-19)

Mush Rush


  • Fixed “Leaves Earned” text on the scoreboard

Known Issues

  • Mush Rush tutorial sometimes stops abruptly (mid-track)
  • Mushie is able to move and change its score after some of the songs end in Mush Rush
  • Some parts of the stew icon have materials missing
  • Hats and accessories don’t show up in the Mush Rush tutorial
  • Removing furniture under stackable decorations will leave the decorations hanging in the air
  • If the tutorial button is pressed in the house in one of the menus, the menu will stay up during the tutorial
  • The furniture interaction UI may stay up when a menu is entered
  • In the Hub, the player can move mushie even when clicking through the UI
  • In Bubbly, the trees on the sides can obscure the camera at some points in the level
  • [Android] Touch input is not recognized for the first several seconds after pressing Play from start menu
    • Workaround: Close and reopen application


MyMiniMushroom_v1_1_1_Win.zip 118 MB
Jun 19, 2020
MyMiniMushroom_v1_1_1_Mac.zip 144 MB
Jun 20, 2020

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