Updates July 16, 2020

Howdy friends! We've got some bug fixes for y'all today, and who doesn't love bug fixes? 

Release Notes (v1.2.1)



  • [Mobile] Added golden furniture set

To get this magnificent furniture, check out our game on the App Store or Google Play!


  • Mushie’s cap color, accessories, and hats now appear in the Mush Rush cutscene
  • Mush Rush tutorial no longer stops mid-track
  • The paintbrush does not get stuck in mushie’s hand after playing with the easel toy
  • Basic floor and wallpaper shouldn’t get removed from inventory
  • Dragging furniture backward is now faster
  • Settings now save after reopening the game
  • Settings buttons now have SFX
  • [Mobile] Mushie’s accessories are on when re-opening the app

Known Issues

  • Mushie is able to move and change its score after some of the songs end in Mush Rush
  • Pressing pause (or clicking out of the game) in MR can cause the song to end abruptly on resume
  • Removing furniture under stackable decorations will leave the decorations hanging in the air
  • In Bubbly, the trees on the sides can obscure the camera at some points in the level
  • [Android] Touch input is not recognized for the first several seconds after pressing Play from start menu
    • Workaround: Close and reopen application
  • [Mobile] Getting notifications during Mush Rush may end the song abruptly
  • [Mobile] Pressing both jump buttons at the same time may launch mushie above the screen

Thank you to everyone who has rated and commented on our game, we really appreciate it! We've got a non-exclusive new furniture set coming soon, so stay tuned!  


MyMiniMushroom_v1_2_1_Win.zip 118 MB
Jul 16, 2020
MyMiniMushroom_v1_2_1_Mac.zip 144 MB
Jul 16, 2020

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