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Rising Spring is a 3-D, exploration-based game that revolves around the player moving through the environment, collecting flowers, and dodging sharp icicle traps while exploring the pastel, snowy world they’ve been dropped in. Throughout the game, the player will find flowers to plant in mounds at the cottage on the top of the hill in order to complete the level.

The player collects flowers and avoids sharp icicles in a pastel nature environment. They can walk and jump over the terrain, and can heal damage taken from dangerous icicles by collecting healing flowers. In order to complete the level, 15 flowers will need to be collected and brought to the cottage at the end of the map


WASD to move

Space to jump


 Aaron Venne - Designer

 Amber Smith - Programmer

 Adriana Gonzales - Sound and Particle Designer

Stephanie Wilhite - Artist


RisingSpring_Windows.zip 436 MB

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