While on your typical polar bear adventures, you stumble upon a penguin village in need of your help. Work with the mayor to investigate the cause of the treacherous rumors and put an end to all of the penguins' worries...

Craft items, trade with locals, fight enemies, customize your look and upgrade your stats with hats, scarfs, boots, and more! Your three main stats are SPEED, CHARISMA, and STRENGTH.

-A,D / Arrow Keys to move
-Space to jump
-Escape to open menu

Game by Aaron Venne, Alex Carriles, Amber Smith, and Randy (Andy) Points

(Quadruple A Battery)


  • Game Mechanics/Scripts by Amber
  • UI by Amber & Aaron
  • Tilesets by Aaron
  • Polar bear by Aaron
  • Writing by Aaron
  • All other characters by Alex
  • Village Assets by Alex
  • Animations by Alex
  • Music Composition by Randy
  • SFX by Randy
  • ADR clean up by Randy


  • ALEX as Mayor, Wolf Leader, and Polar Bear
  • AARON as Woods Penguin and NPC
  • AMBER as Grandma Spider and NPC
  • RANDY as Cave Penguin and NPC


PolarCraft_Windows.zip 49 MB
PolarCraft_Mac.app.zip 49 MB

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