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How To Dress is a mobile VR game for the Google Daydream designed to teach how to dress through different prompts including casual, formal, business casual, wedding, and several others! You can choose from a variety of different clothes to drag onto the cute bear and chose their colors. After you finish dressing up the bear, you will get scored on how well the clothes you chose match the given prompt.


Jacob Cortez - Design/Production/Audio

Christian MacNeill - Character Art

Amber Smith - Programming

Lili Zhao - Environment Art

Environment Assets:

Balloon Cluster V1 by printable_models on free3d.com
Hanger by stunts on free3d.com
Radio by jean97 on free3d.com
clothes rack with hangers by Modelbank3d on turbosquid.com
Flower Vase by M_Studios on turbosquid.com
Cartoon Lamp 3D by kalyon6 on  turbosquid.com
Wood Shoe Rack by maggiemartell on 3dexport.com


HowToDress.apk 60 MB

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